Car insurance - you have to have it, but now YOU can decide how long you want it for.

Why pay for a year's cover if you only need a few days? Short term car insurance is now a well established product use regularly by hundreds of thousands of British motorists, and the bad old days when the only insurance policy you could buy for your car was for at least 12 months are well and truly over. It doesn't matter whether you want to have cover for just one day, a week or a month, and you can even buy policies which you just run on a month-to-month basis and cancel when you no longer need them. All these policies are bought online which keeps costs to an absolute minimum and enables the insurance companies to offer very attractive rates.

Buying a policy is very easy and the average UK motorist will have no problems in meeting the few conditions, provided that they are aged over 18 and under 75, with a reasonable driving record and a roadworthy vehicle.

Policies are available in fully comprehensive form, it is usually possible to add roadside recovery as an optional extra, and motorists can even get cover for driving on the continent (or at least that part of it that is within the EEC) provided that their journey begins and ends in the UK.

To get an immediate quotation please click the button above. You can buy a policy which begins immediately if you wish, which means that you can be covered for another vehicle, whether it belongs to you or not, within the next few minutes.

And you can save money if you use your car infrequently by choosing shortterm car insurance, for your car rather than buy annual policies

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